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Building Your Brand On a Budget: 5 Sites That Can Help

Large corporations spend a lot of money on brand development and support. Some, in fact, will invest a dollar figure that is many times your annual operating budget just to choose a name or a logo or a color scheme. They convene focus groups. Take polls. Hire expensive consultants.

You may not have financial resources on that scale, but you also don’t need a customer base of millions. There are cloud-based services that can help you develop your unique brand and become a friendly, familiar face to your audience. Here are five of them.

Fiverr. Your choice of words is always critical, of course. But pictures—logos and other graphics—have instant impact on their viewers. Sites like Fiverr offer the services of graphic designers and other professionals on a per-project basis. You can have a logo created for your company, for example, for as little as $5.00.

WiseStamp for Business. How you say good-bye in person is important. So are your business cards. Your email signature is a combination of both. WiseStamp has both a personal and a business version; the latter allows team access.

Blogger. WordPress is the preferred blogging platform for millions of individuals and businesses. It integrates with numerous add-ons that extend its usefulness and flexibility. But Google’s free Blogger may serve you well, depending on the sophistication level of your needs.

4imprint. Promotional items are a great way to keep your company’s name and logo in front of your customers. Keep a supply of these on hand and distribute them in person and through the mail. There are countless companies that will let you add your own logo to your contact information. Many, like 4imprint, offer merchandise that costs under $1.00 each, and which have low ordering minimums.

YouTube. Do you have a YouTube channel(s) of your own yet? There’s so much you can do with video that is difficult or impossible to accomplish (or at least not as effective) with text, like:

  • How-to’s. Individuals and businesses turn to YouTube when they want to figure out how to do something. Be one of their destinations.
  • Product introductions. What does it look like? How does it work? How can I use it?
  • Case histories. Showcase real users and let them tell their stories.
  • Corporate information, customer services policies, etc. What’s your mission? Who works there? How do I get help?

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, so be aware that customers and prospects may be looking for you there. You’ll need to have your account verified in order to post videos more than 15 minutes long. And before you start, spend some time on this guide to optimizing and analyzing your content. YouTube videos can be very powerful branding tools, but spend some time educating yourself.

Whatever approach you take to promoting your brand, be consistent. Your customers should know you when they see you.

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