Block Advisors Commercials Hit T.V. Screens

Big news…Block Advisors is now being broadcast on television. That’s right. The following three advertisements are now playing. (Recognize the voice? You guessed it! It’s Chris Parnell of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock!)

You can view each of the ads here:




Each ad highlights Block Advisors’ newest offerings this year, including:

  • 365 Tax Plan: It helps you make smart tax moves throughout the year. It includes recommendations to reduce your taxes and reach your financial goals.*
  • Advisor Match: Was your old tax preparer recommended to you three jobs, two kids, and a house ago? Long story short, have you outgrown your current tax preparer? Our personalized Advisor Match pairs you with a tax advisor who is specialized in your tax situation to get you every deductible dollar you are entitled to.

… And like previous years, tax advisors are available year-round to answer questions and meet with clients when they need it. Our advisors average 15 years of tax preparation experience, with some earning the highest credential from the IRS – the enrolled agent (EA) designation.

Your personal tax specialist will see you now! Get matched today.



* Block Advisors does not provide investment or legal advice.

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