3 Mobile Apps Your Business Should Consider

Industry pundits have been proclaiming the “Year of Mobile” for at least a couple of years now. In 2015, based on voluminous real-world research, they’re saying, “We really mean it this time.”

More of us are using smartphones than aren’t. Email and games and other forms of entertainment may have led the way, but countless business apps can be found on whatever online store you visit. Many are free, and the rest are inexpensive.

Here are three that you should think about investigating. Though they have desktop counterparts that offer more features, these apps have become quite capable. And they’re also very versatile: All three of these can be integrated with a variety of related apps, including small business accounting.


You know what happens when you’re not invoicing customers in a timely fashion and your bills aren’t being paid on time. Late fees. Lost discounts. Lengthy waits for incoming payments. In other words, poor cash flow. So whether or not your company is using a small business accounting solution, you should at least be managing your accounts receivable and payable using a state-of-the-art application.

Bill.com can solve the problems associated with managing income and expenses by providing a central location for both bills and invoices. When a bill comes in, you scan, fax, or email it to Bill.com, which starts it on an automated approval and payment process, storing your backup documentation. On the receivables side, you enter your invoices, and Bill.com sends them electronically or on paper, providing a personal portal where customers can pay electronically. Bill.com sends reminders and overdue notices automatically, so there’s less chance that you won’t get paid.


If you have a smartphone or tablet, a bank account, an app called Square, and a small card reader that attaches to your mobile device, you can accept payments for products and services:

  • Anywhere that you have a wireless connection or cell phone service.
  • Immediately, instead of sending an invoice and waiting for a check.
  • From individuals and companies who wouldn’t purchase what you were selling if you didn’t accept credit and debit cards.

The reader and the app (Square Register; iOS and Android) are free, but like any business that accepts credit cards, you’ll pay a small fee for each transaction (more if you enter the number manually instead of swiping the card). Square has a number of related apps, including inventory management, an online store, and analytics.


Evernote is a lot of things. Available in three versions, ranging from free to $49.99/year ($12/user/month for Evernote Premium for Business), it’s a writing workspace that lets you create short lists and lengthy documents in a variety of formats. It’s a collector of notes – “clipped” web pages, handwritten scribbles, photos, etc. It’s a collaboration tool, and a creator of pages for presentation.

Evernote doesn’t really fit into a particular “type” of website. But it’s powerful, flexible, and affordable enough that it has numerous applications for small business information-management and creation.


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